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1996 / 1997 / January 18, 1998

Answers From January 18, 1998:

Clay Henderson of Colorado writes:
Don, I live in Colorado and got to see you at an exhibition game here, in your last season. It was an honor, not only to see yourself and the rare sight of an American League team, but because I personally got an autographed ball from my favorite player, an even rarer sight, Don Mattingly. My question is, you spent your entire career in the American League. Do you wish you could have sampled more of the National League (Coors field, the Dodgers, etc.) side of baseball, especially now with interleague play in action?
Don - "Clay, I really do wish I would have got to see more of the National League cities. Not so much play on a National League team, but it would have been nice to be part of the interleague play. It would have been nice to play against some of the National League players and to see some of the National League stadiums. I think that would have been a good time."

Eric Browner writes:
My name is Eric Browner and I am a freshmen at NYU. Upon recieving my acceptance letter, I was given notice that I would be able to take part in a Freshmen Honors Seminar at the University during my fall semester. Of the choices, one stood out among the rest, "Baseball in the 20th Century in New York City." The professor is Carl Prince, he has written one of the most popular books on the Brooklyn Dodgers. As part of fulfilling my course work I was required to write a research paper. Being born and bread a Yankee's fan, I knew that the Yankees would be the topic of my paper. I finally narrowed my focus down to the two most recent Yankee captains, Thurman Munson and yourself. My research has given me new insights to the history of the Yankees and into both Thurman and yourself. Within in the paper I focus on three basic areas; 1.each of your early careers, 2.Your tenures as captains, and 3.The fan response to both of you as people and as players. In my second section, I focus on the "hair" incidents that both you and Munson had with the Yankee management/ownership. If it is not too much trouble, and if you are willing to talk about it, I would like to know what you remeber of the specific incident? Is there something more then I would have probably found in my research in the libraries? Also, I would like to know just what it meant to you to be a Yankee capatain?
Editor's Note: Don answered this question in RealAudio Format Only. Unfortunately, I have neither the real audio file or a transcript of the answer. I offer my apologies.

"donlop" writes:
I was wondering if you collected your baseball cards?
Don - "Yeah, I guess I do in a sense. I've kept the cards for the kids along with baseballs and other things I've had signed from other players at the restaurant. I guess I really don't collect cards that much themselves, but anything of my old stuff I keep for the kids. My middle son Preston does collect cards, but Jordon and Taylor really aren't into them much."

Best regards to all my fans!

Editor's Note: Don only answered questions once in 1998 in this type of format. He did, however, continue to answer questions in his Web Radio Show which had a few broadcasts during 1998. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of those shows...nor do I have transcripts.

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