Don Mattingly at 8:01pm ET
Hello Everyone! 23 is online! Congratulations to all of baseball, what a great year. Of course the Yankees top the list, Big Mac, Sammy, Cal Jr. awesome, Barry and all the rest. Let's get ready to rumble!

Jamie from [], at 8:04pm ET
Do you feel any remorse that you are not out there winning the World Series with the Yankees?

Don Mattingly at 8:06pm ET
Jamie, this is a tough time of year for me. It is very easy for me to remember the close to 200 games, including spring training, that it took to get there. That makes the decision a lot easier.

travis from at 8:07pm ET
So donnie baseball, what do you think of Shane Spencer?

Don Mattingly at 8:08pm ET
Travis, I like the way he plays, but I think we should give him a few more games and then see what happens. Let him be a young player and allow some mistakes and growth without too much pressure.

Steve#23 from at 8:09pm ET
You've played with some of the guys on this Yankee team, how do you think they're reacting to the pressure of the World Series?

Don Mattingly at 8:10pm ET
I think they are doing great. It is great to see the guys that you know doing so well and also how some of the new guys mix together. It is a beautiful team.

Swap from [], at 8:12pm ET
Hey "Donnie Baseball," How's it going? What are your feeling about this year's Yankee team being considered as one of the greatest teams to ever play the game of baseball?

Don Mattingly at 8:13pm ET
You can't argue with the numbers. Pitching, defense, offense, speed, chemistry, it is all there. Print it baby!

23yankfan from [], at 8:15pm ET
My father grew up watching Mantle and Dimaggio and instilled in me a sense of Yankee pride. I think that all you did on and off the field were what drew me to you. Who is your favorite Yankee of all time?

Don Mattingly at 8:17pm ET
This is a great question and it is one of the coolest things about New York. When people tell you about how their dad brought them to the game and now they are bringing their sons. My favorites, there are a lot of them, is Mickey, Yogi, Moose, Hank, O'Neil, Bernie, and Wayne Tolleson

Steve Shtick from at 8:19pm ET
Have you talked to Darryl since he learned about his cancer?

Don Mattingly at 8:21pm ET
Yes, Darryl seemed to be doing great, upbeat, positive and I really enjoyed hearing his voice again. I loved playing with Darryl.

Don Mattingly at 8:24pm ET
I'm watching the game now and they are showing the Yankees game lineup, Spencer surprises me, Joe seems to have a great feel when to play guys. I wouldn't be surprised to see him do something big tonight. Also, I am interested in seeing how Sterling pitches. He always had great stuff and he seems to be coming into his own, more confidence. Finley just made a unbelievable play. It would be great to see San Diego get the crowd into it and see some great games.

samuel from at 8:25pm ET
Donnie B, ya shakin and Bakin or what?

Don Mattingly at 8:27pm ET
Yes Samuel, I am still shaking and baking, but my shaking don't have much shimmy anymore and my baking is a little flat.

Renzo Cerabino from [], at 8:28pm ET
What manager do you belive had the greatest impact on your development as a player?

Don Mattingly at 8:29pm ET
Billy Martin. He gave me the opportunity which allowed for development.

Tim S. from at 8:30pm ET
Do you think most players today play with any real love for the game?

Don Mattingly at 8:32pm ET
I think most players do, we just seem to pay more attention, in the media, to the players that don't seem to care about the game and the fans.

Go Cubs GO! from [], at 8:33pm ET
As a former 1 bagger who do think is a better player, Grace or Snow? I think Grace and Morindini got robbed by Rawlings gold gloves!

Don Mattingly at 8:34pm ET
I haven't seen Grace or Morindini enough, outside of television, but JT is great around the bag.

Jay Hugues from at 8:36pm ET
Donnie what is your opinion on who the future captain will be for the Yankees?

Don Mattingly at 8:38pm ET
Whoever it is, he doesn't necessarily need to be the best player, but someone that understands playing in New York and the things you need to do at certain times and be willing to do them. It's not always a popular thing to do.

Djeter02 from at 8:39pm ET
How do you compare Tino to yourself?

Don Mattingly at 8:41pm ET
Both of us are different players. Tino pulls more and I tried to spray the ball a little more. I think Tino has better power to all fields. I think I used the whole field a little better.

Stony from [], at 8:41pm ET
What was the funniest conversation you had with a baserunner during a game? Do you first basemen try to spook or trash talk the runner?

Don Mattingly at 8:43pm ET
My favorite conversation was Cal Ripken asking me about Pettite's move. I told him it was ok and he picked him off on the next pitch and after that, every time I got to second base, he told me he owed me one.

Don Mattingly at 8:46pm ET
I just want to thank everyone for coming to the chat and thanks to ESPN for having me. It has been great and I hope we can do it again sometime. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get to all your questions, some where really excellent, but please feel free to visit me on my website at Fire me your questions and we can use them on our RealAudio Radio show. Thanks and go Yanks! Don Mattingly #23.

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