Don Mattingly at 7:43pm ET
Hello everyone, it's good to be back for another ESPN chat during the World Series between the Yankees & Braves. Go Yankees!

Patrick Mohan from at 7:45pm ET
Do you ever plan on managing in the Big Leagues or any type of comeback to baseball in the executive level?

Don Mattingly at 7:47pm ET
I would like to be involved in some way. Right now, I've been talking about going to spring training. It would be a good introduction back into baseball I feel. I always enjoyed the former players in spring training such as Catfish, Whitey and others.

hank from at 7:47pm ET
Will the Yankees win the Series, and in how many games??

Don Mattingly at 7:48pm ET
n my opinion, I think they will. I think it will go 6 games. I believe the Yankees pitching is better than the Braves offense and the Yankees off the bench are much stronger.

yankee fan002 from at 7:49pm ET
Who was your favorite manager to work under?

Don Mattingly at 7:50pm ET
Yogi was my favorite, he always seemed to treat you the same, no matter what kind of game you had.

Ross Weber at 7:50pm ET
what are your thoughts on the yankees team this year?

Don Mattingly at 7:53pm ET
I think they are a great team. I compare this years team with the Bulls team that won the world championship the year after they had the most wins in a basketball season. The regular season didn't go quite as good as last year, but in the playoffs, they've stepped it up and showed why they are the best team in baseball.

Brett from at 7:54pm ET
You are the man! What are you doing now these days?

Don Mattingly at 7:56pm ET
Running Diamond 5 Farms our Saddlebred breeding farm and trying to keep up with three active boys along with a couple other corporate ventures.

Marko at 7:59pm ET
What was your proudest moment in a Yankee's uniform?

EMP from at 7:59pm ET
what positions did you play in little league?

Don Mattingly at 7:59pm ET
First, Pitch, Catch, Center, Left, Right... Just like every other kid, pretty much played all over.

#1 YANKEE FAN at 8:00pm ET
I would like to know how many times you thought of retiring?

Don Mattingly at 8:01pm ET
From 90-93, about every other day. When you losing more than your winning, you want to retire everyday. But that's all part of the game.

Cliff at 8:02pm ET
With all the hoopla surrounding tonight's all-century team unveiling, do you personally think Pete rose belongs in the Hall of Fame??

Don Mattingly at 8:03pm ET
Yes, I believe he will be in the hall of fame some day. It's hard to ignore his accomplishments on the field. I don't know any of the facts of the lifetime ban, I prefer to look at the player and his accomplishments.

katie from at 8:04pm ET
could you come back and play again? we miss you!

Don Mattingly at 8:05pm ET
Yes, I plan on being back in uniform on the field again. Hopefully the dates on next years Old Timers Game will work out better for me.

Don Mattingly at 8:07pm ET
This year, I planned to go to the Old Timers Game, but Taylor's Pony League Team went to World Series in Washington, PA and that was the same weekend. He just happened to go deep twice against Puerto Rico. Proud daddy.

Michael from at 8:07pm ET
What was it like to play for George Steinbrenner?

Don Mattingly at 8:09pm ET
For the most part, very good. Our organization, unlike some others, when you go to spring training, you know that you are there to get to the World Series. That something you come to appreciate. We did occasionally have a difference of opinion, but everything always worked itself out.

Christine at 8:10pm ET
what do you think of tino martinez for taking your position?

Don Mattingly at 8:11pm ET
I think Tino is a great guy and also a great player. I think he has carried on a rich tradition at first base for the Yankees. I couldn't be more happy for him and what he has accomplished so far.

Jeff Margolies at 8:11pm ET
What are your feelings on the current economic state of baseball? How do you think competitiveness can be restored to the game?

Don Mattingly at 8:16pm ET
I think we need to keep trying everything we can to keep things as even as possible, but you can't argue with demographics. More people on the coast, more money for TV packages, more money to spend and you can't blame owners for wanting to win. They are putting the best team on the field for those markets. Teams with less money to spend have to be better in the front office, building minor league systems and making good trades. In example of Cincinnati this year, Minnesota, Kansas City, Oakland, and St. Louis in the past.

KAREN at 8:17pm ET

Don Mattingly at 8:19pm ET
I knew it was time when the last couple of years, when I was on the road in hotels, I was just wanting to be home around my kids. If I kept playing, I wasn't going to be happy and then I would be cheating everyone, including the fans. I played the game with my heart and for fun, and it wouldn't have been fun if I continued. I know it would have showed.

Don Mattingly at 8:24pm ET
How about those Yanks! Top of the first inning and the Braves are already in trouble. 1-0 Yankees.

Don Mattingly at 8:29pm ET
A lot of people have asked me who my favorite player to play with was. There was a lot of great players, Gossage, Nettles, Randolph and others. But I think my favorite of all time is Paul O'Neill. When he came over, he brought such an intensity. He was a fun guy to play with.

edbeatty at 8:32pm ET
What is your opinion of Tony Gwynn as a hitter?

Don Mattingly at 8:34pm ET
Tony was probably the most natural hitter I've been around, I've played against him in Puerto Rico in the winter leagues in 1983. Even then, you could tell he could just flat out hit. 3000 was just a matter of time.

Radtcs from at 8:34pm ET
Make that 2-0 Don

Don Mattingly at 8:35pm ET
Make that 3-0 and maybe I need to make that in 4 games, not 6.

HateNBC at 8:35pm ET
What style of pitching was toughest for you to hit against?

Don Mattingly at 8:36pm ET
I don't think it was so much any style of pitching, it was the guys that could make the ball go both ways. Run it at you and then have something that broke away from you. You had to cover both sides of the plate. Especially the ones that had above average stuff.

NYY23Fan at 8:37pm ET
Why do you think the Yanks weren't able to put together a team like this 10 years ago, when you were the greatest 1st baseman in the league?

Don Mattingly at 8:37pm ET
Very simple, they could have but we didn't put enough emphasis on pitching. Period.

Mark Johnson from at 8:38pm ET
What team is the team of the 90's?

Don Mattingly at 8:39pm ET
I would have to say the Yankees. Just from the standpoint of what they have done in the post season. The Braves have probably been more consistent, but the Yankees have been better when it counts.

Greg at 8:41pm ET
Would you vote for Pedro Martinez as A.L. MVP or would you still select an everyday starter: Garciaparra, Jeter et al?

Don Mattingly at 8:42pm ET
An everyday starter. Pedro was very strong and the Red Sox would not have gotten to where they were at without him. But still, he can't go out there more than 35 times, where Jeter, Garciaparra all are out there everyday.

Bobby at 8:45pm ET
How did you find it facing Roger Clemens? Do you think he is as good now as he was then?

Don Mattingly at 8:46pm ET
Roger was always tough and a fun guy to face. He wasn't afraid of you and always came right after you. I haven't faced him since he started through the splitter, but he was dominant the last couple of years.

Don Mattingly at 8:47pm ET
OK, well, I will take one question, I gotta concentrate on managing this game from my living room. haha.

Bobby at 8:48pm ET
Who do you think are the best pitcher and hitter in the game now?

Don Mattingly at 8:52pm ET
I'm watching Cone right now, and I am eliminating him from the best hitter list. I think there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of doubt that Pedro was the best pitcher in the game this year. Although Johnson was pretty dominant himself. Hitting wise, so many great offensive players, it's hard to say. I think, if I was starting a team from scratch, the first player I would choose would be Jeter. Although probably not the best home run hitter, but what he gives you offensively with stolen bases, RBI's, average and then his defense. He just seems to be the guy on the winning team every year.

Don Mattingly at 8:54pm ET
Well, I appreciate everyone who wrote in questions, I'm sorry I couldn't get to all of the thousands that came in. Please feel free to drop by my Official website at to send in your questions and I will do the best I can to answer them. Thanks again to ESPN for allowing me to do another World Series chat. See you next year! Yanks in 4, or 5, or, ah, 6. - Don Mattingly

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