On page 14 of the September 1995 issue of Sport magazine, noted statistician Bill James made the following predictions on future Hall of Fame inductees:

1999George Brett, Nolan Ryan
2000Robin Yount, Carlton Fisk
2001Andre Dawson, Dave Winfield
2002Eddie Murray, Ozzie Smith
2003Dave Parker, Jim Kaat
2004Dennis Eckersley, Ted Simmons
2005Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken Jr.
2006Rickey Henderson, Paul Molitor
2007Tony Gwynn, Roger Clemens
2008Kirby Puckett, Dale Murphy
2009Jack Morris, Lee Smith
2010Tim Raines, Ryne Sandberg
2011Barry Bonds, Joe Carter
2012Brett Butler, David Cone
2013Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker
2014Goose Gossage, Don Mattingly
2015Jack McDowell, Greg Maddux
2016Fred McGriff, Doc Gooden
2017Frank Thomas, Ruben Sierra
2018Ken Griffey Jr., Roberto Alomar
2019Jeff Bagwell, Juan Gonzalez

Keep in mind that when Mr. James made this prediction, Don was still an ACTIVE player and he expected him to play a few years more, rather than retire one month after the article was published.

Although I would have liked Don to make it on his first try in 2000, I think that unless he gains support with the voters, he might not make it in until he is eligible for the Veteren's Committee Selection.

I'm sure there are many among us, even Mattingly fans, who will argue that Don's stats do not justify induction into Baseball's Hall Of Fame. I am not one of them. Don was well on his way to a stellar career when injuries robbed him of his power. This does not mean that the remainder of his career was sub-standard. Quite the contrary, Don had many good years following the back injury that kept him out for 2 months in 1990. Granted, they were not equal to his excellent run from 1984-1989, but they were still good enough to lead the Yankees in many catagories. I also feel that the Hall Of Fame should consider things that do not wind up in the box score every night. Little things like Leadership and Dedication are some of the things that should be considered and Don sure had both those qualities. Without Don, the Yankees may not have had the "Team-First" attitude that took them to the play-offs in 1995 and 1996, and eventually a World Championship in 1996. Several players on that World Series team, including Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter, credit Don's influence on their career. Without a doubt, "Donnie Baseball" belongs in the Hall!

Here is the voting for all the years that Don Mattingly has been eligible for the Hall of Fame:

201087 16.10%
201179 13.60%
2012102 17.8%
201375 13.2%
201447 8.20%
201550 9.1%

After 15 years of being on the ballot, 2015 was Don's last year of eligibility. Now we wait for the Veteran's Committee!

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