Interview With Sports Author Elinor Nauen on America Online (August 16, 1995)

Question: Are there any current players you think will be remembered in 30 years as well as we remember Ruth, Mantle, etc. now?

ENauen: Good question! I think it's harder for today's players to be the sort of unmixed idols that Mantle, Ruth and others were perceived as, because we know so much more about their (often disgusting) personal lives. But I think Ken Griffey, Jr. is a keeper, possibly Mattingly, and Frank Thomas. A few others. I also think people remember the players when they were young as being the best.

Interview With Former Yankees Manager Buck Showalter on America Online (April 15, 1996)

Question: How much will it hurt the Yankees without Donnie Baseball?

ShowalterB: There's a lot of ways to measure a person's contributions to a club other than statistics. Though, Donnie has put up some pretty good ones of his own. I don't think we should forget that they are a lot of quality people on the Yankee club right now that hopefully can take up the slack of Donnie's departure. But, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to have someone of Donnie's approach and qualities to have had pass my way. I realize how much easier he made my job and it was so rare to have someone of his skills who also didn't carry an ego with him day to day. The only way he measured whether or not he had a good day was whether or not we had won a ball game regardless of what he had done.

Question: Will you take on Don Mattingly as a coach?

ShowalterB: I'm not so sure Don's through playing. We talk occasionally, and he's enjoying his time at home with his family. We take for granted all the time that players spend away from their families - almost eight months a year. I have no doubt that if Donnie decides that if coaching is an avenue he wants to take, he would bring the same passion for it as he did as a player. And, it would be an asset to anybody.

ShowalterB: I think anybody would be honored to have someone like Donnie to part of an organization. But, I have a sneakin' suspicion that he's pretty happy in Evansville, Ind. right now.

Interview With Former Detroit Tigers Manager Sparky Anderson on America Online (August 15, 1996)

Question: What do you think about Don Mattingly? Will he return?

SprkyA: I don't believe Don will return. I thought he was one of the most outstanding players I had seen in my career.

Interview With Yankees Designated Hitter Cecil Fielder on America Online (February 15, 1997)

Question: Did Don Mattingly's loss to the team seem to be a big factor in your win of the W/S?

RebokLive: No! Absolutely not! It was just a shame that Donny wasn't there to get a ring. He was such a top performer for so many years, it was just unfortunately that he stopped a year early.

Interview With Yankees Manager Joe Torre on America Online (March 3, 1997)

Question: What do you think about the irony of the Yanks winning the World Series the year after Donnie Baseball retires?

JoeTorre: That was sad. That was very sad. It sort of parallels my career. I was on the Braves... I showed up after they'd had playoff years. I leave, and the Braves get into the post-season with the Mets... the team I was supposed to have been traded to. I called Mattingly during the season to talk about Bernie. Don said he hits better at the top of the order. That was a good idea. I'd love for him to come back and do something with us, but I can see how it would be painful. I remember in l990 I had to do some announcing in the World Series. I was in Cincinnati. Everyone was dancing in the street; it was the night they clinched. I couldn't dance. I was jealous. I think I've become more honest with my feelings over the years. It no longer hurts to say, "I was jealous." Another thing I realized last year was that some people wanted it for me even more than I did. I came home from Baltimore; there were 30 messages on my machine and half of them were crying. That was very heartwarming.

Interview With Sports Analyst Peter Gammons on America Online (March 31, 1997)

ABCDuke: Do you think that Don Mattingly should go to the Hall of Fame?

GammonsABC: Unfortunately not. His back kept him from having enough great years.

Let's Hope Mr. Gammons Is Wrong!

Profile of Yankees catcher Jorge Posada in Yankees Magazine Vol. 19 No. 3 (June 1998, page 40)

Question: Who Were Your Favorite Players Growing Up?

Answer: George Brett and Don Mattingly.

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