Don Mattingly At Yogi Berra Day July 18, 1999

On Sunday, July 18, 1999, Don Mattingly attended Yogi Berra Day at Yankee Stadium in New York. He was one of the many past Yankees who were invited by Yogi to help him celebrate the occassion. If you may recall, Don invited Yogi to 'Don Mattingly Day' in 1997, but Yogi turned down the offer because of his infamous dispute with Yankees' owner, George Steinbrenner.

Now that George and Yogi have settled this differences, it was time to give Yogi his due and honor him with a day of his own at Yankee Stadium.

During the pre-game ceremonies, Yogi was presented many gifts by Yankees past and present. Don Mattingly, who received the loudest ovation by the crowd, presented Yogi with a wooden box that contained exact replicas of the 10 World Series rings that Yogi won during his illustrious career with the New York Yankees.

The day was made more perfect when David Cone went out and made some history of his own by pitching a perfect game...the first-ever in interleague play! To make the day even more special, not only was Yogi there, but also Don Larsen. As you may recall they were the 'battery-mates' for the only perfect game in World Series history...and they opened the day by reliving that moment when Larsen threw out the first pitch to his catcher, Yogi Berra!

Don Mattingly also did a pre-game interview with Susan Waldman. A complete transcript is available!

What follows are all Exclusive Photos! They were taken by Jonathan Stein who was lucky enough to be present for the game. He has graciously agreed to let me use them on this site.


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